"A bloodstained genre mash offering life lessons in demonic cats, dubious landlords and overbearing mothers."

Meow is a 13 Minute comedic horror short that puts a fresh spin on your favorite 80's fright fests. Successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2016, MEOW will be making its festival rounds in 2017 and gathering fans across the globe with your help.

Choose what you pay for your copy of "MEOW” and get a digital copy of the entire 13-minute film + bonus extras like the "Making Of" and "Original Soundtrack". Every dollar you contribute helps pay for festival entry fees.


Jopp’s script and direction prove to be knowledgeable of the necessary tone required to pull off a short film such as this, and MEOW never comes close to losing one of its nine lives because of it.
Chris Jopp and his excellent cast and crew managed to capture a big part of what made old horror films so fun. Nothing beats a bucket of blood and grit splashing around a room, in such an over the top way you simply have to smile.