Well, we did it...

We shot 3 back to back 12 hour nights and it was one of the most creatively fulfilling experiences of my life. The footage looks incredible and perfectly captures the moodiness of the classic noir films and genre pictures we are referencing; shadows, thunderstorms, stark moonlight, and seedy alleyways rich in rain and fog. It's all there. The cast delivered fantastic performances and our crew was relentless in executing all of the complex setups. All in all, a huge success, and only possible thanks to our supportive community of family, friends and kickstarter backers.

KariJo Skogquist, a talented filmmaker friend of mine, captured some amazing 360 degree photos and videos that I will preview here before sharing on our fan site (click the links at the very end of this update and then click and drag on the images to view in all directions.) Also, in the coming months you can expect a short documentary that chronicles the shoots of MEOW, put together by my longtime friend, erstwhile roommate, and talented filmmaker, Ned Hurley. Below is a small collection of some Behind-The-Scenes stills from our DP, Kevin Horn. (MORE TO COME)